Natural Doesn’t Mean Natural to Food Companies, Nor the FDA

Food companies have been brainwashing us for years with slick marketing, subliminal advertising, and false advertising – also known as lies. All for the sake of greed, people, and their evil agendas.

Natural does not mean organic. The USDA Organic Seal guarantees your food contains no Genetically Modified Organisms, no toxic pesticides, and no growth hormones or antibiotics. Share the truth with your friends.

Merriam-Webster claims that natural means “not having any extra substances or chemicals added” or “containing anything artificial,” or explicitly “existing in nature and not made or caused by people.”

As Only Organic’s new video “The Natural Effect” lightheartedly explains, the food industry routinely and deceptively labels highly processed, toxic and genetically modified junk foods as “Natural.” This “legal” form of false advertising has fooled millions of people and will likely fool millions more if efforts are not made to inform consumers about this fraudulent practice. The only way to be sure that the food you consume does not contain genetically modified organisms, toxic pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones is to look for the USDA Organic Seal. Please take a few minutes to watch the video and share it with family and friends to help combat industry misinformation and spread health.

Friends, please, educate yourself about what you eat. Don’t be deceived by the craftiness or persuasive speech (or writing) of evil doers, who twist the truth for distorted gain.

Remember, a corporation is an entity run by a Board of Directors. I find it  interesting to do research on Directors of companies as many sit on multiple boards, including food,  pharmas, and other…Think about it…



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